Improve maintenance management!

Efficiency and Reliability

Identify poor machine performance early before it becomes a problem, with the Prediktis platform

Remotely monitor the performance of production machines and equipment, assign maintenance tasks to employees from the cloud in an automated way, benefit from alarms and automated reports in real time and manage customers and suppliers from a single platform: Prediktis.

We will support you to the desired performance using state-of-the-art technologies, giving you the freedom to work from anywhere, anytime. Gain absolute control over your business.

Modules used for machine maintenance, 100% remote.

Condition Monitoring

With our efficient condition monitoring systems (which use IIoT technology), connected vibration sensors inside the equipment can immediately alert maintenance teams the moment a machine is experiencing a malfunction. Condition monitoring increases the performance and operating life of your plants, machinery and machine components. This way, you can detect possible equipment failures early and plan preventive maintenance effectively. Using this solution, you can improve productivity by reducing the time the machine would be stopped for repairs.


This module will help you have a calendar with all the necessary steps for the maintenance of machinery and equipment. You can see the history of overhauls and repairs. You can plan new technical interventions by assigning the task directly to one of the responsible employees.

Real Time Alerts

Real-time monitoring and information updates for machinery and equipment maintenance management is a growing priority for many companies in a digitalized world. When a problem occurs and is reported in real time, it can be solved much better but also much faster. Prediktis, alerts the maintenance manager about the problem and indicates exactly the machine or equipment to be intervened. Reaction time is a competitive advantage that you should have.

Machine Vibration Analysis & Diagnostics

With the help of vibration sensors, an error or defect that an equipment will have can be diagnosed in advance. During operation, machines generate vibrations and there are unwanted vibrations that will disrupt the machine system, which results in faults such as imbalance, wear, and misalignment. The vibration signatures of the machines contain important information regarding the machine condition such as the source of failure and its severity. The advantage of these vibration machines is that they will generate a diagnosis in advance, providing the necessary action time for the maintenance manager, thus limiting the downtime of the machines for repairs.

Asset Inventory

Inventory and supplier management can lead to increased productivity and efficient cash flow management. Also, having all suppliers in the same place, you can compare much better products, prices and offers. With this module you can check in real time the stock of parts you have available and you can plan future purchases.


The budget module can help you plan your purchases. With its help you have a clear picture of the necessary budget, you can see in real time which of the components exceeded the planned budget and where savings were recorded. This module aims to improve the forecast of expenses with the purchases of parts.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is an application of artificial intelligence (AI) that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. After the maintenance manager has set the operating parameters and signaled the moment when faults occur, the machine learning will learn the process and automate it. With the help of this module you will have a "guard" present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week who will monitor your equipment and machinery and alert you when a fault occurs.

Analysis and Reporting

By monitoring and planning, the maintenance manager gains a lot of time that he can use for the acquisition strategy of the parts and materials necessary for the maintenance of the equipment. With the analyzsis and reportind module, the maintenance manager can predict with high accuracy the moment when one of the machines needs repairs. In this way, he manages to plan an overhaul for that machine in advance.


Having all suppliers in the same place, you can compare much better products, prices and offers. In this module you have all the contact details of your collaborators, being very easy to manage a problem when it occurs. You can add the company name, contact name, phone number, email, activities or products that can help you.